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The mission of the Stoughton Dance Boosters Club is to provide opportunities and raise additional funds to donate to local dancers participating in solo, small group, and team competitions both regionally and at a state level. The booster club also helps in sending dancers to summer camps to enhance their technical abilities. The Stoughton Dance Booster Club supports and helps promote dance in the community at the high school and youth levels.

Board of Directors

President: Toni Gardner- Johnson (2023-2024)

Vice President: Kelly Tinsman (2023-2024)

Treasurer: Tara Robb (2023-2024)

Secretary: Stephanie Bailey (2023-2024)

PR Coordinator: Audra Jensen (2020-2024)

There are many expenses connected with being a member of a dance team, including uniforms, dance costumes, and transportation expenses. Unlike other sports teams and organizations that have most uniforms and expenses funded by their school, the Stoughton High School Dance Team and Stoughton Dance Program Teams are responsible for the majority of the costs. The teams rely heavily on the money raised during fundraising events and the support of local businesses to help offset those costs.


Please consider being a sponsor of the Stoughton Dance Booster Club and attending fundraising events. In return, you will be recognized as supporting the Stoughton Dance Booster Club and Stoughton Dance Programs based upon your level of sponsorship. We are a tax deductible organization.

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