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Stoughton High School Dance Team

Established in 2011, the Stoughton Dance Team is the official Varsity Dance Team of Stoughton High School and is a part of the proud tradition of Viking athletics. The primary goal of the team is enhancing school spirit at SHS and in the Stoughton community. They dance primarily at football and basketball games, as well as other Stoughton High School functions, community events and competitions. The team is composed of students in grades 9-12.  


The team holds Junior Dancer clinics in the fall and the winter which are open to grades K-12. Junior Dancers will have the opportunity to learn dance skills, get to know and spend time with the Stoughton Varsity Dance Team, learn fun routines and perform alongside the dance team at a home varsity sporting event. Dance experience is NOT required for these clinics or to be a part of our team.


Tryouts for the team are held in the spring of the previous school year for the fall season and in October for the winter season. Tryouts are open to all students entering grades 9-12. The team also holds tryout clinics the week prior to spring tryouts to go over all tryout skills and technique that will be evaluated at tryouts. Any athletes involved in a different fall sport are encouraged to attend the spring tryouts if they plan to tryout for the winter season! 

Achievements & Awards:


  • WACPC D2 Kick State Qualifier



  • WACPC State Championship D2 Jazz 7th Place

  • WACPC D2 Jazz State Qualifier


  • WACPC D2 Pom State Qualifier

  • WACPC D2 Jazz State Qualifier


  • WACPC D2 Pom State Qualifier

  • WACPC D2 Jazz State Qualifier


  • WACPC D2 Pom State Qualifier


  • WACPC D1 Jazz State Qualifier

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