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The Stoughton Dance Program strives to bring accessible dance to the community of Stoughton. The goal of the team is to promote school and community spirit and involvement, teamwork, dedication, strong work ethic, and respect. A successful team is a result of two things: mutual respect among team members and a common vision about where the team is going. The mission of the SDP is to provide dancers with a successful and meaningful educational experience.

The Stoughton Dance Program aims to provide a dance education to all ages. Our program is composed of 4 teams of different ages. The high school-age team is the Varsity Dance Team at Stoughton High School. 

Team members have personal goals of high academic achievement, increasing their dance ability, learning effective time management, forming strong friendships, and learning to become a valuable team member. The success of the team is due to the incredible dedication from the dancers, parent involvement, and experienced coaches. Dancers exhibit great sportsmanship, positive attitudes toward teammates, competitors, school, and parents. 

Contact the Stoughton Dance Booster Club and associated teams: HERE

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