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Tryout Information 2024-2025

This page contains tryout information for those interested in trying out for the 2024-2025 Dance Team! We highly recommend that you attend our tryout clinics. Please also make sure to check out our schedule for upcoming summer and fall team dates. All applications must be received prior to the start of tryouts.


If you want to receive feedback or have any questions about past tryouts, please contact We do not have a set number of dancers we will take for our team, don't be afraid to try out!​​ Any athletes involved in a different fall sport are encouraged to attend tryouts if they plan to try out for the winter competitive season! Dance experience is NOT required! We can teach you everything you need to know to be successful. 

Mark your calendars! 

  • Clinics -> 4/28     12:00-2:30 PM (@ Main Gym)

    • Ask any questions you may have for the team​​

    • Learn what it takes to be an SHSDT dancer

    • Learn Pom, Jazz, and Hip Hop Technique

    • Go over technique skills needed for tryouts

    • Learn a combo or two to introduce you to new styles!

  • Tryouts Day 1&2 -> 5/9 and 5/10     6:00-8:00 PM​  (@ Main Gym

    • Learn routines for the final tryouts

    • Run through technique sequences

    • Go over what the final tryout will look like

  • Final Tryouts -> 5/13  5:00-8:00PM (@ Main Gym)

    • Tryout in groups of 2-4, depending on the amount of dancers trying out. Once your tryout is finished and you have not been asked for call backs, you are free to leave.

      • Go across the floor (Technique)​

      • Perform stationary skills

      • Perform tryout routines

    • We may call back groups to perform together

Final Team Announcements will be posted and emailed by 10 PM Monday night.

Please contact Coaches with ANY possible conflicts at

Accommodations WILL absolutely be made for those who contact in advance. 

Tryout Attire/Hair:

For days of tryouts, dancers must wear black tight fitting clothing that does not display school and/or dance team emblems or names. Wear shoes you can easily dance in, sneakers or jazz shoes. Preferably, tank top or sport bra, leggings/shorts, and jazz shoes. Shoes must be worn at all times. Points will be deducted from dancers' scores who do not follow the tryout attire guidelines. 

Hair needs to be pulled back into tight ponytail or bun - tied securely for each day of tryouts. Bobby pins and hairspray should be used to keep loose hairs away from your face. We encourage you to present yourself as clean and neat as possible. Points will be deducted from dancers' scores who do not follow the tryout hair guidelines. 

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